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9-30-16 Updates

Vitamin Shoppe

Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM is made with shellfish and is Unclean. Beware of Glucosamine MSM by other brands as well since most of the time it is from shellfish. Read the label and check the allergen statement for shellfish content.

9-20-16 Updates

Jennie O Turkey

The Bratwurst, Sweet Italian and the Hot Italian Sausage are made with a pork casing. They are Unclean.

Appleton Farms Turkey Ham (made by Jennie O for Aldi's Stores)

This product is made with only turkey meat and is pork free. It doesn't come into contact with their products that contain pork. It is Clean.


U.S. Products Certified Kosher

Special Dietary Needs

U.S. Products Made Without Pork (Porcine) Enzymes


7-29-16 Updates

ACH Food, Inc (Fleischmann's Instant Yeast)

This product is animal free. Ingredients are plant based. It is designated Clean.

Kraft (Cheese Singles & Velveeta)

Due to an ingredient in these products and/or the manufacturing process, they are not certified Kosher. They are designated Unclean because they won't tell us the source.

6-23-16 Updates

Belmont Ice Cream (Aldi)

All of the ones bearing the OU kosher symbol are pork free. (Must have symbol) They are designated Clean.

5-24-16 Updates

Southern Gourmet Pie Fillings

All of them are pork free and certified kosher by the OU. (Must have symbol) They are designated Clean.

Wick Fowler

Their Chili Seasoning & Chili Kits are pork free and certified kosher by the OU. (Must have symbol) They are designated Clean.

Red Gold

All of their products are animal free and certified kosher by the OU except those with cheese. They are designated Clean.

Frito Lay

Here's a link to the latest list of Pork (Porcine) Free Snacks:


2-05-16 Updates


The products below are Clean when bearing the OU kosher symbol:

Caraway Seeds, Cardamom, Ground Cardamom Seeds, Clove, Ground Clove, Whole Crushed Red Pepper, Curry Blends, Cut Ginger, Cut Turmeric, Ground Cassia, Ground Celery Seed, Ground Cumin, Ground Fennel, Ground Ginger, Ground Turmeric, Ground White Pepper, Kalonji Seeds, Mace Whole & Ground, Whole Black Pepper, Whole Cassia, Whole Cumin, Whole Fennel, Whole Fenugreek, and Whole Turmeric.

Chili Seasoning Mixes

The following Chili Seasonings are Clean when bearing the OU kosher symbol:

Centrella Chili Seasoning, Mrs. Dash Salt-Free Chili Seasoning Mix, Mrs. Dash All Natural Chili Seasoning Mix No Salt, Mrs. Wages Chili Seasoning Mix, Spice Islands Chili Seasoning, Spice Supreme Chili Seasoning Mix, Spice Time Chili Seasoning Mix, Wisconsin Spice Chili Seasoning.


1-6-16 Updates

Jennie O Products

Lean Hot Italian Turkey Sausage Casings/Pork Unclean

Lean Turkey Bratwurst Casing/Pork Unclean

The facility that produces the sausages with the pork casing is number P190. This is the only facility that uses pork products, so items with a different plant number would have no opportunity for cross contamination with pork. The Plant # is found in the circle with the word "Inspected".   


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