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Children's Class Study Documents

Below are PDF files from the Israel of God Children's Class.
You will need Adobe Reader in order to view and print them.

We hope that they are useful in helping you teach your children about God and His Word.

Peace in Jesus' name!


Lesson 14 Abraham's Dream

Lesson 15 Ishmael and Isaac: Two of the Physical Seeds of Abraham

Lesson 16 Jacob and Esau: Twins That Are Two Different Nations

Lesson 17 Jacob Meets Laban

Lesson 18 Jacob Has More Children

Lesson 19 God Blesses Jacob

Lesson 20 Jacob Flees From Laban

Lesson 21 Jacob's Name Changed to Israel

Lesson 22 Jacob (Israel) Sees Esau Again After 20 Years

Lesson 23 The Twelve Tribes of the Children of Israel

Lesson 24 Joseph the Dreamer

Lesson 25 Joseph Sold Into Slavery

Lesson 26 Joseph Goes To Prison

Lesson 27 The Pharaoh of Egypt Has Two Dreams

Lesson 28 Joseph the Hebrew-Israelite Rules & Dominate Egypt The 7 Years of Plenty

Lesson 29 Joseph Rules Egypt During the Seven Year Famine

Lesson 30 The Seventy Souls That Went Into Egypt

Lesson 31 Egypt Prospers Under Joseph's Rule

Lesson 32 Jacob-Israel Blesses Ephraim and Manasseh

Lesson 33 Jacob (Israel)Blesses His Sons and Tells Them of the Last Days

Lesson 34 Jacob (Israel)Is Buried In the Land of Canaan

Lesson 35 Joseph Sleeps

Lesson 36 The Children of Israel Goes Into Slavery

Lesson 37 The Birth of Moses

Lesson 38 Moses Flees Egypt

Lesson 39 God Calls Moses To Free The Children of Israel

Lesson 40 God Proves Himself To Moses

Lesson 41 Moses and Aaron Go Before The Pharaoh of Egypt

Lesson 42 God Reaffirms to Moses His Covenant He Made With Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

Lesson 43 Moses and Aaron Goes Before the Pharaoh of Egypt Again

Lesson 44 The 1st Judgement the 1st Plague Blood

Lesson 45 The 2nd Judgement, the 2nd Plague - Frogs

Lesson 46 The 3rd Judgement, the 3rd Plague - Lice

Lesson 47 The 4th Judgement, the 4th Plague - The Swarm of Flies

Lesson 48 The 5th Judgement, The 5th Plague - Murrain Upon Cattle

Lesson 49 The 6th Judgement, The 6th Plague - Boils with Blains

Lesson 50 The 7th Judgement, the 7th Plague- Hail Upon Man and Beast

Lesson 51 The 8th Judgement, the 8th Plague - Locusts

Lesson 52 The 9th Judgement, The 9th Plague - Darkness Upon Egypt



#1 So, What's Wrong With Easter?


#2 What Is The Passover About? Part 1


#2 What Is The Passover About? Part 2


#2 What Is The Passover About? Part 3


#3 The Memorial of the Blowing of Trumpets


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